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Sue & Rob Freeman
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Our PR services

PR programmes can be designed for any budget, with effectiveness and value for money the key objectives.

A strategic, intelligent and focused approach is applied to every client's needs. And the over-riding aim is kept very simple - to get as much coverage as possible in the UK media for the destination. In this we have always been spectacularly successful.

Press trips

Our enviable range of contacts, in print, online and broadcast media, means our trips are carefully targeted - to get the people we want to visit client resorts and for their reports to get the coverage we want.

Press releases

We put out sparkling press releases that actually appear in newspapers, magazines and websites. We don't put out press releases for the sake of it.

Media events

We are very experienced in organising exciting and cost effective media events, with the key people attending.

Advertising campaigns

Our advertising contacts extend across the range of print, TV and radio.

Crisis management

When needed, we can provide a cool, practical and authoritative service in this sphere, again with our journalistic background a key attribute.